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The Cambodian Culinary tradition's distinctiveness is derived from its abundant local ingredients, coupled with time-honored techniques, and influences from Thailand, Vietnam, China and France. In an effort to showcase the best local Khmer cuisine, Le Méridien Angkor will focus on a different indigenous ingredient or festival every month.

"The aim is to expose our guests to the different authentic foods, regions, and traditions of Cambodia throughout the year," said Executive Chef Nicolas Rouleau. "We want our guests to return from their travels not only having experienced the history of the Angkorian Empire. We want them to experience present day Cambodia, through its culinary tradition."

Le Méridien Angkor will feature a unique Cambodian Culinary Engagement set menu along with additional events every month.



January - A Tonle Sap Catch:  Southeast Asia's largest lake, the Tonle Sap, is within easy reach of Le Méridien Angkor. The lake is home to thousands of people living in floating villages, their houses are built on stilts, wooden barges, or boats, and often move as the lake grows with the rainy season. Le Méridien Angkor invites you to discover the fresh water Tonle Sap fish and lake shrimps from these villages.

February-Kampot Pepper in the Pot: Taste a pepper resurrected from years' past. The Costal City of Kampot rose to fame in the 1930's for the taste of its 4 uniquely aromatic peppers before its farming slowly stopped.  After many years, it is now again produced within a Protected Geographical Indication. Discover the spice this Kingdom as the chef fires up the Kampot pepper in the pot.

March-Mango March: One does not have to walk very far in Cambodia to run into a mango tree. Le Méridien Angkor Marches on with a parade of Mango recipes-green and yellow mango in salads, soups, and delectable desserts.   

April-A Taste of Khmer New Year: Celebrate Khmer New Year this April with the entire Kingdom as Le Méridien Angkor prepares a festive taste of the season's best dishes. Discover the customary soups, curries, and sauces.  

May-Royal May: Entice your pallet with a menu fit for a king. In honour of King Nordom Sihamoni, the chef will feature the royal family's favorite dishes.

June-Herbs + Spice and Everything Nice: Cambodian markets are filled with the sights and smells of intriguing herbs and spices.  Le Meridien Angkor brings them to your table during the month of June with a menu inspired by the chef's trips to the market.   

July-Fruits of Cambodia: No trip to a tropical country would be complete without a taste of exotic fruits. This month's dishes will not only introduce you to the region's best fruits, but will showcase the indigenous cooking techniques featuring and array of summer surprises.  

August-Coconut Creations: Palm trees are known to beautifully adorn the landscape of Cambodia, but talk to a local and they will first speak of the coconuts used in salads, soups, curries desserts, and more. Le Méridien Angkor alone is home to a dozen different varieties of palm trees. Discover the tropical tastes of this month's Coconut Creations.

September-Sweet + Salty September: Celebrate September with a Sweet + Salty combination of Cambodia's Sugar Palm and Cashew nuts. The Sugar Palm is the national tree and its fruit is enjoyed throughout the country; while the delightful Cashew nuts are mostly grown in the south provinces and are widely used in noodle, meat, and curry dishes.   

October-The Rise of Rice: Generally regarded as the food of the masses, Le Méridien Angkor elevates Cambodian rice to fine cuisine. The national staple food, rice constitutes over 90% of the cultivated land and during October the countryside is consumed by the fresh smell of this aromathic crop ready for harvesting. Over 2,000 rice varieties are present in the country, discover some of them at Le Meridien Angkor this October.  

November-Festive Khmer Cuisine: Join the celebration during one of the country's most colorful holidays, The Water Festival, marking the reversing of the flow between the Tonle Sap and Mekong River. This three day festival features river races, a boat parade, and fireworks. Discover all of the holiday's foods at Le Meridien Angkor throughout the month.  

December-A Cambodian December: Celebrate the Festive Season and prepare to welcome the New Year with a menu integrating Cambodian and Western holiday favorites.